Sunday, January 23, 2011

My "I can't live without items" from Trader Joe's

Since I am unemployed, I have been attempting to grocery shop on a 'budget' and I am officially over it. I don't do budget unless it's the sale rack at Macy's.
I've recently been going to QFC for the essentials, but damn it, there is a few things from Trader Joe's that I refuse to live without, and maybe a few new items I want to try.
Seriously though, I will never buy another brand of salsa as long as I live. I need to job, especially since this whole pregnancy thing makes you so hungry ALL DAY LONG!!!
***In case you haven't had the Gorditas from TJ's, get some now. They are easy and delicious. Bake em for a bit, then pile mexican rice, salsa, and sour cream up top and you will be hooked.

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