Thursday, April 22, 2010

Speaking of Betty White...

is that her?
This is the Portland version of The Stranger and I be live just like The Stranger, the covers are done by local artists.

The Rectum Bar in Vienna is a bar shaped like an anatomically correct rectum

The designer Atlier Van Lieshout explains the project as following:
BarRectum, Arsch Bar, Asshole Bar, Bar Anus. While the translations sound different, the form is universally recognizable. The bar takes its shape from the human digestive system: starting with the tongue, continuing to the stomach, moving through the small and the large intestines and exiting through the anus. While BarRectum is anatomically correct, the last part of the large intestine has been inflated to a humongous size to hold as many drinking customers at the bar as possible. The anus itself is part of a large door that doubles as an emergency exit.

Man loses licence after drink-driving in toy Barbie car

A man who was caught drink-driving in a toy car with a top speed of 4mph has been banned from driving.

Paul Hutton, 40, was pulled over by police as he drove an electric Barbie car, which moves slower than a mobility scooter, near his home in Essex. The car was confiscated by police until the hearing but Mr Hutton now hopes to get it back.

What kind of drunk are YOU?

I dont know who Bob Evans is, but I want this in my kitchen

The Bob Evans branded gravy dispenser: the pinnacle of convenience store deliciousity. And you can own your own for the low, low cost of $635! At your cost of $0.78 a serving and a suggested retail price of $1.99, you're making a 61% profit per biscuit.

Fuck eating healthy, I need a cookie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gameboy dress, Love it!

The wonderful world of

I told you Betty White was awesome!

Betty White attended the opening of Pink's Hot Dogs in Universal City on Monday, at 88 proving one is never too old to collect an appearance fee. She also unveiled the Betty White 'Naked' Hot Dog, free of condiments, and dug into one without messing up her lipstick.

Nice going, Pasta Bible!

An Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.”

Penguin Group Australia's head of publishing, Bob Sessions, acknowledged the proofreader for the Pasta Bible should have picked up the error, but called it nothing more than a “silly mistake.”

The recipe for spelt tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto was supposed to call for black pepper.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bizo, you can make this for your sister's next birthday!

Maybe Japan isn't that bad...

Is this cigarettes and a can of beer? Or is it a can of coffee? Smokes and a beer seems like a wonderful combo I'd gladly buy from Japanese AMPM.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Even video games hate Lindsey Lohan

You like how they just cut her out of the main movie poster picture for this mean girls video game? haaaa. I wonder if this game is awesome?

I don't like Jessica Simpson, but I think her new hair is kind of adorable

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

look delicious to me

My mom needs this

My favorite couple broke up today :(

This looks so comfortable

the piece is made from interconnected softballs that can be arranged in a
variety of different seating and lying positions.

Tiger Woods mannequin dressed in condoms

Eat KFC's Double down for lunch and be dead by dinner!

Meat and cheese held together by two chicken breasts! It has 32 grams of fat and 1600 mg of sodium.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What would you do for some McNuggets?

The McNugget Nutcase, McDonalds, 2009:
Apparently, Chicken McNuggets make people a little crazy. Twenty-four-year-old Melodi Dushane ordered Chicken McNuggets while going through the drive-through, to which staff responded that they were only serving breakfast during the morning hours. To this, Duschane went nuts. She reached into the drive-through window and punched the employee in the jaw and then started swinging at the manager who approached. Eventually, she also punched through the glass drive-through window. Duschane was taken to the local hospital to be treated for injuries and then sent directly to jail. She was ordered never to have contact with that McDonald’s location again.

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