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Richard Simmons goes Gaga

Liz, let's learn to dance

we'll be on the corner of Broadway and Hewitt in no time!!

Tyra is my favorite!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Liz, can I just thank you again for having enough dvr room for America's Next Top Model!! How could anyone not NEED to watch this show after seeing this commercial

George Clooney get Quote of the Week!

"I didn’t live my life in the right way for politics, you know. I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth ... [I] would start from the beginning by saying, ‘I did it all. I drank the bong water. Now let’s talk about issues.’ That’s gonna be my campaign slogan: ‘I drank the bong water.’"
-George Clooney tells Newsweek that, as a celebrity, he hopes to bring attention to parts of the world like the Sudan. But he says he has no intentions of ever running for office.
I don't know, if George Clooney was involved in politics, I may watch the news more often :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

While the baby sleeps

Awesome Alert...

Hey Bizo,

Remember when we watched an old episode of Guts, and then we promptly tried to find the winner on facebook and even sent them a message? This is why we are best friends.

Dear My Strange Addiction on TLC...

I have to admit, you had me fooled before you aired. My idea of TV heaven is watching a bunch of hot mess people talking about how crazy they are.

But it took less than 2 minutes for me to realize that your show is one of the worst shows on air right now.

First of all, half of these things aren't really addictions. I'm pretty sure the girl that is "addicted to laxatives" is actually just a plain old boring anorexic. The guy "addicted to eating glass" really is just addicted to trying to convince his dumb-ass hipster friends that he is cool when he is wasted. Don't even get me started on the girl who eats couch cushions. Just go to the store and by some foam if is so freaking delicious. You really ate 7 couches? I call BS.

Second, the treatment is bunk. One or two therapy sessions isn't going to cure anyone. If it did cure you, there wasn't anything wrong with you in the first place. And if your doctor can't find anything wrong with your stomach after eating soap for 50 years, you are faking it.

Thirdly, enough with the staged conversations and fake reactions from "concerned" family members. Worst Actors Ever.

It takes a lot for me to say this, I'll pretty much watch anything, but My Strange addiction, you are officially deleted from my DVR.

PETA fails once again...

Save Edward Allen Poe's house in in exchange for putting up a PETA poster? No thanks PETA, we will just tear the house down, but thanks for your offer. I would rather let them tear my house down too!

"Usually, the only time you hear about the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals around here is when they get our attention by having folks like Jamie Bamber and Tricia Helfer take their clothes off. But this time, PETA got our attention with a promotional stunt we admit up front ... we're not quite sure we understand.

Baltimore's Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum is in danger of closing due to budget cuts, and the activist organization has made an offer to pick up the slack—IF the museum would "prominently display an ad at the Poe House featuring a man clutching his chest and reading, 'The Tell-Tale Heart of a Meat-Eater. Don't Be Haunted by Bad Health: Go Vegan. PETA.'"

Here's the offer PETA made to museum curator Jeff Jerome:

Dear Mr. Jerome,

I am writing on behalf of PETA and our more than 2 million members and supporters-including thousands in Maryland-with an offer to help a little bit with the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum's struggling finances. PETA would like to pay to prominently display an ad at the Poe House featuring a man clutching his chest and reading, "The Tell-Tale Heart of a Meat-Eater. Don't Be Haunted by Bad Health: Go Vegan. PETA." Our ad would remind museum visitors of the benefit of living healthy, humane lives while learning about Poe's timeless prose.

Few behaviors take such a severe toll on one's heart as consuming meat, eggs, and dairy products. The cholesterol and saturated fat in animal products can lead to elevated cholesterol levels and heart attacks. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, one of the world's most respected nutrition experts, has made patients who were suffering from clogged arteries virtually "heart-attack proof" by putting them on healthy, plant-centered diets. William Castelli, M.D., former director of the Framingham Heart Study, the longest-running clinical study in medical history, says of the heart disease epidemic, "If Americans adopted a vegetarian diet, the whole thing would disappear." In addition, going vegan reduces people's risk of cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases.

The cruelty involved in producing meat, dairy products, and eggs could also trigger a sense of guilt like that described so vividly by Poe in "The Tell-Tale Heart." In today's industrialized meat and dairy industries, chickens and turkeys have their throats cut while they're still conscious, piglets have their tails and testicles cut off without being given any painkillers, fish are suffocated or cut open while they're still alive on the decks of fishing boats, and calves are taken away from their mothers within hours of birth.

PETA's pro-vegan ad could help save the lives of literature lovers and animals, while the revenue would help preserve this great writer's legacy. I look forward to your response.


Bruce Friedrich
Vice President"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jwoww wants to be in Playboy

but more importantly, what's up with her creepy armpit???

When my Stitch dies, I'm having him stuffed

more then he already is. ha.

bottom line: girls will do anything to get out of shaving

click pic to make bigger

I want anyone of these rings

Or all of them. They're super cheap on Etsy.

The GTL kit

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A Fashion Flash Mob for Liz

It’s the NY Fashion Week show that’s stolen everyone’s hearts–even the icy ones belonging to the fashion world–the Moncler “Flash Mob” show, set to a dance routine and staged at the goregous and much-loved by New Yorkers, Grand Central Station. How these guys pulled off the permits to put the show on there–phew….impressive!! Via FC.

The perfect pet

These two lovely pets tied in my opinion.

What do you do with you phone books?

I usually leave mine on my porch for a month then finally walk it over to the trash can once it's wet, gross, and probably moldy.

Did Lil Kim cut off Nicki Minaj's head???

That's what it looks like to me! This is the cover for Lil Kim's new album.
Guess it's time to start boycotting Kim. Which shouldn't be hard, when was the last time you heard anything good from this rapper lady? Or anything at all for that matter.
The only thing that I can even remember about her is when Diana Ross giggled her boob at the MTV awards a million years ago. AND the only reason I remember that is cause VH1 always replays that clip on all those "crazy moments in tv history" shows. She's old and needs to go away now.

Win a “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” reunion!

Karyn Parsons, aka Hillary Banks now runs a charity called Sweet Blackberry and as a fundraiser, she is auctioning off a personal “Fresh Prince” reunion dinner. She will be there, as will Carlton, Ashley, Uncle Phil and, yes, the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. I love this idea!!!
The bidding is up to $3500. So worth every penny.

Chelsea Handler gets a sitcom

Just read this and I if the pilot gets picked up, I sure hope this show is funny. It could go great, or end up being horrible.
"""NBC made a flurry of pilot orders today, including one inspired by Handler’s bestselling book Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea. The E! talk show host will executive produce the multi-camera comedy – along with Tom Werner, Mike Clements, and Tom Brunelle – that will focus on the lives of a group of 20-somethings who live and work together with a very outspoken young woman. Other exec producers include Julie Larson and Dottie Dartland Zicklin. Handler will not appear.""""

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine post #5

I considered this a valentines day post because I think this tiny house is very romantic looking.

Valentine post #4

I would be happy if any of these came in my mailbox tomorrow

Valentine post #3

for the ladies, woop wooop.

Valentine post #2

Smittens? ha.

Valentine post #1

I googled 'romantic tattoos' and this popped up. really? wow. That's one good looking tattoo. woof.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sid may have killed Nancy but at least he was romantic

obviously number 9 is the most romantic.

Do you think they play while wearing these in Sweden?

NEVER trust a duck

Owls are out! Red is in!

I stayed up way to late making this inspiration board for the Oliver's room I've decided the nursery is just going to be random and eclectic crap in black, white, and red that will some how work and all tie together! The owl theme was to constricting and brown looks like poop so I was having a hard time with that.... so, now we have no browns and NO freaking pastel bunnies, duckies, or whatever other cheesy animal themed crap they try to sell you at babies r us.
Ed Note. I am not ruling out owls, they just need to be red, black, and white :)