Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm gonna kill her and steal her shoes....

Well, as women we most definitely have all been there... That place where you are so insanely jealous of some item our friend bought we seriously pause for a quick sec and debate lighting said friend on fire and stealing whatever it is that she has that we want (NEED).
My friend Kat purchased these shoes online:

Now, I promise you that these shoes are insanely amazing and that the online photos do them no justice. They are perfection.
I recently picked my friend up and she answered the door wearing these fancy glittery shoe heel things. I screamed, while frantically trying to pry the shoes from her feet. I know she is a size and half smaller then me but I NEEDED to try them on (and possibly run out of her house and never look back. I didn't need her friendship, I would have these shoes and they would love me forever). Back to reality, I love Kat, but for some strange reason I felt as if I hated her for buying such awesome shoes. What the hell is wrong with me, I kept thinking while I drove us to go watch our boyfriend's band play. Once we arrived at the show I immediately grabbed Beni like a crazed mother who's just found her lost child, and pointed at Kat's shoes. "LOOK" I said while pointing at Kat's feet and staring at my confused boyfriend giving him the 'If you really loved me, you would buy me these' eyes. He didn't get it, and to be quite honest I didn't get it either?
I couldn't help but obsess about the shoes the entire drive home that night, while racking my brain about why I felt like this. Is this envy, jealous, rage normal? Is it a pregnancy thing, some kind of baby in my belly side effect? Or have I simply lost my mind from being broke and on unemployment to long? What is going on??? Liz claims it's normal, but I'm not sure I'm convinced.

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Jo said...

You're having a girl who is going to really love shoes. I'm convinced.