Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Kate Gosselin:

Please Stop! Sure we liked you on TLC with your family and your bitchy antics, then we like you even more when you went through that public breakup from your Ed Hardey wearing douche bag husband, but once you started flocking to The View and The Today Show like a money hungry media whore, we realized we'd had enough. And oh boy, don't get me started on Dancing With The Stars and those fake tears every other episode. You have officially used up your 15 minutes of fame, so graciously exit our lives, before we start thinking of you as an old, bad haired, horribly dressed, throw those areosoles grandma heels away, Heidi Montag wannabe. Barf. I hate you, quit trying so hard. Your outfit makes me want to poke my own eyes out.

P.S. you had no right to be at the Emmy's, ahhhhh! Go Away!


Ronda said...

Who are you to say she has NO RIGHT!!!!! Last I looked this was AMERICA the land of the FREE. Did you read that FREE or RIGHT is the same she has the right to do whatever she wants if she want to go on THe View or Every Morning showing in America she has the right just like you and I have the right to state what we feel. It is her right to go on any show as long as they are inviting her and they have the right to air her story they ask her to come so she does and if she gets paid it her business not YOURS get a life person!!!! I wish all you people would leave her lone stop all the theats she has the right to live happy she should be threatened for her life come on people this is america she we all have the right to feel safe just leave her and her children alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo said...

Dude, this bitch is wack. Rhonda, not Kate. Kate is dragging her children through media hell. What safety is she honestly providing? She's just another reality star who instead of getting a real job/career is looking for an easy way out. And her children have to watch, they have no role model to look up to. And when they are older they will most likely look back on both their parents & feel a lot of shame & sadness. It's very upsetting. Get a fucking clue, Rhonda. And shut the hell up while you are at it.
Love you Biz & Liz. Xo-Jo