Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I might have to watch this season of Dancing with the Stars

It's something I swore I'd never do, but how can you not watch it with this cast of "celebrities?"

Bristol Palin: Do you really think you're famous? One little stint on Secret Life of The American Teenager doesn't make you famous honey.

The Hoff: we saw a sample of your dance moves on the roast of you, so don't hope on making it past the first couple of weeks.

Florence Henderson: you were only asked because Betty White turned the show down and you are the next oldest celebrity they could find.

The Situation: Good luck man, hope you don't get stuck with a grenade for a partner!

Margaret Cho: I love you! Please don't stoop to D-List status. I feel bad for not watching your VH1 show when you had it, and now you are forced to do this for a paycheck.

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