Monday, August 30, 2010


The circus is on point. Why the fuck do you feel the need to show small children pictures of bloody and dead elephants. All those families were just trying to have a nice day out. Why you gotta go ruin it. The circus has veterinary guidelines they follow!!! And isn't it weird that circus elephants tend to live longer then wild elephants!!! Maybe it has something to do with how they're treated. They're treated better then most kids I know.
AND an extra shout out to that brunette bitch in her suede puma's and her leather purse who called me a cracked out whore, you're a hypocrite with a fat ass. Fuck yourself and the extremist bullshit you try to stand for. Nice try, I hope you get hit by a car while your husband is cheating on you.
Biz and Liz


Ryan said...

I love YOUR protest signs. Classic! I went to the Circus and had a GREAT time. I've gone off and on quite a few times over the last several years and enjoyed it far better this time around than any of my previous visits in the past. Those see-through screen they had hanging were a great addition ... and it was just so fast-paced with complete awesomeness. Not a boring moment about it. Only thing terrible about it (besides PETA) was the $13 cotton candy and snowcones! Gotta love mark-up... Ha ha!

Just stumbled upon your site a few months ago, by the way... and I honestly don't know how I did. And it's funny, because I live just off 112th street in Everett...I read your site for months before I even knew you were from here as well.

Thanks for the great site full of humor. I really enjoy reading it.


Bizo said...

It's nice to get a comment from someone who enjoys our blog. Majority of the time we get hate mail. It's actually kind of amazing.
Did you see us at the circus???