Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Rumer Willis...

Dear Rumer Willis:

I know that there are many reason why people feel that plastic surgery is not an option for them.  You, however, have no excuse.  I will happily sent up a fund for you in order to get your giant chin reduced.  It just needs to happen.  Chins like yours should not exist and I am sure there is a plastic surgeon just waiting to get his hands on you.

If you do for some reason decide that this is not an option for you, may I suggest creating some giant scandal that your mom and Jay Leno had an affair and that is why your chin has its own zip code.


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KB said...

THANK YOU. I just ran across this blog, and honestly, I found it because I was googling pictures of her and her sisters wondering how the hell two sexy beasts spawned such gawky chinned children!?