Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad girls club (so much has changed)

I just got done watching season the reunion from season 6. Let me tell you, gone are the days of the first season. Each season is filled with more and more farcical people. I mean does anyone like Char really exist? And Nikki can't be real either. There is no way that a female says "Bro" that many times without being a full blown bull dyke!

I believe it is safe to say that I have no problem watching this kind of trash weekly, and am really excited to each week. But I always walk away from each season a little disappointed. Will there ever be anyone as good as Rypsy? I miss her and her drunken antics. Please Bad Girls, can you be less worried about being the HBIC and instead go one a crazy drunken bender where you run into things and attack everyone in sight? Is that to hard to ask?

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