Saturday, May 14, 2011

America's Next Top Model ALLSTARS!!??!!

Good Girls

Cycle 1: Shannon Stewart (runner-up) - Known as the "commercial girl," this former pageant queen has never actually won a crown. Could this be her chance?

Cycle 4: Brittany Brower (finished fourth) - She was "too sexy" for Tyra, but reminded then judge Janice Dickinson of her younger self.

Cycle 11: Isis King (finished 10th) - Featured in a Cycle 10 shoot with homeless girls, Tyra thought she stood out in the pictures more than the actual models. She's the first transgender contestant.

Cycle 11: Sheena Sakai (finished sixth) - A "round the way girl" from Harlem who reminded Tyra of Kimora Lee Simmons.

Cycle 12: Allison Harvard (runner-up) - Awkward girl with the big eyes who admitted to a fascination with bloody noses.

Cycle 13: Laura Kirkpatrick (runner-up) - Farm girl who loved to model her favorite designer's clothes: Couture by grandma.

Cycle 15: Kayla Ferrel (finished fourth) - Rough around the edges, she admitted to having to sleep on the floor for a time and for being bullied after she came out as a lesbian in high school.

Cycle 16: Alexandria Everett (finished fourth) - Possibly misunderstood California girl, definitely annoying, but not necessarily mean-spirited.

Bad Girls

Cycle 2: Camille McDonald (finished fifth) - Not liked by the other girls, even the judges began to see her as arrogant. She also hinted to the judges that Yoanna House had an eating disorder.

Cycle 5: Lisa D'Amato (finished sixth) - Strange and attention-seeking, hilarious when drunk, she was eliminated for her arrogance though she was a strong model.

Cycle 5: Bre Scullark (finished third) - Known as spunky, she created granola-gate when she accused Nicole Linkletter of stealing her granola bar and retaliated by throwing out Nicole's energy drinks.

Cycle 9: Bianca Golden (finished fourth) - Known for being complainer. She hated her makeover with a passion and was later eliminated for not improving enough in the competition.

Cycle 10: Dominique Reighard (finished fourth) - Not happy with the short cut she received in her makeover, she struggled with her strong bone structure and looking "too drag."

Cycle 14: Angelea Preston (finished fourth) - Didn't make it in Cycle 12, but did manage to get into a fight during those semifinals. She came back and claimed to have changed, but soon went back to causing drama.

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