Monday, March 21, 2011

help me understand sexy maternity photos

I googled "maternity photos" and pulled this gems off of the sites that popped up. Like, these are for real pictures, none of these are from joke sites or anything. Real photographers are really proud of these photos.
Okay... what in the world makes a couple want to BOTH get naked and pose erotically? Sure pregnancy is beautiful, but when did it become sexy? These pictures completely bother me.
I'm pretty sure Beni and I should get some done then we can show are kid how hot I was while fat and NAKED!! Ahhhh!!


.d. said...

That last one for some reason gave me homoerotic thoughts. Why am I confused?

Anonymous said...

Naked is not necessarily erotic. Most of the photographs you have chosen are not "erotic" while being quite interesting.

Btw. in your case you don´t have to show how fat you are, showing your dumb faces is disgusting enough.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is quite beautiful. I think some people may see them as erotic because it's two naked people posing together. But it's more than that. It's two people with nothing to show but their bodies coming together to create life. It's the essence of how a child is made. They're extremely natural and that's beautiful. You can't look at these pictures and determine anything about their material preferences. Perhaps these aren't pictures that are meant for all to see, but rather are something private that you and your spouse can look at to remember that you're nothing more than skin, bones, and souls that came together to make the child(ren) you now have.

Anonymous said...

"are kid"... Don't you mean OUR kid. Sure they bother you, you sound like a complete prude. How on earth is pregnancy NOT sexy, you dont get pregnant by playing chess. These women embrace their bodies in their special time and dont say they are fat they are not they are mothers. Most of these pics are beautiful its appropriate to show off your belly while pregnant its not like you are growing your kid in your ass. If boobs bother you you should move to Saudi Arabia. I hope I "helped you understand" sure nudes aren't for everyone it certainly wasnt for me but to be totally clothed with jeans, a dress or complete outfits is hardly a maternity shoot its just a pic of you pregnant. Most of these are not erotic. It's not 1951 anymore its time to stop acting so shocked when people express themselves.