Monday, March 14, 2011

Die Antwoord

Beni and I started watching this gonzo journalism television show called The Vice Guide To Everything, which I absolutely loved (this season is over). I read Vice magazine too, which is equally as good. Buuut, on the show they interviewed this band called Die Antwoord, and it is the weirdest band ever. It's like my guilty pleasure though, because they are so weird. But it's not normal weird. I had to wikipedia and google the band because I had no idea how to even describe them and I am still at a loss for words. Wikipedia says this: "Die Antwoord is a rap rave group from Cape Town, South Africa consisting of three members: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. The band self-identifies as a mélange of several diverse cultures".
I don't know... its insane African rap-ish music you can dance to and the girl has cool hair. That's all I got. Regardless, I think everyone (besides maybe my mom) should check them out.


heelsfan2120 said...


Bizo said...

Coming from the Eminem fan... pfffft.
Tighten up.

heelsfan2120 said...

she only speaks in 3 or 4 word bursts. same lyrics over and over. song is very predictable with the same beat and tempo throughout. if they mixed up the beat and lyrics a bit this could be a big hit. as it is now i can't get through the whole song. i think they have potential to do good things.

eminem is one of the biggest selling rappers of all-time. he has several different voices and his songs have different beats and tempos. he spits fast lyrics and raps more than 3 words in a sequence. you should tighten up, comparing this group to eminem, now that's funny. you may not like eminem but millions of people do.

Jordan said...

I remember reading about them in a mag almost a year ago now & so I looked them up thinking they'd bring something different to the table. And that's it, it's DIFFERENT. I didn't even make it the whole way through the video before I wanted to slit my wrist.
Stick to Lil Wayne Mama. <3 Jo

Bizo said...

I like it. I've never heard anything like it before, unlike Eminem's new album which I heard when he dropped his first second and third albums. (talk about predictable)!! Jason, I love you dearly, but your taste is music is on the same level as my mom. And you can tell me all day he's the greatest rapper alive and I promise you will never turn me into a believer. His music is the most monotonous crap I have ever heard. I have no idea why his fans still listen to him bitch and moan about the same shit for 10 years. BORING!! Actually, yeah I do, it's cause he gets Rihanna, Pink, and Lil Wayne on his hooks. ha. I would never compare this group to Eminem in a way that they are similar. I was simply stating it was apparent that you (as a Eminem fan) would not like them. Eminem is main stream radio rap, this Die Antwoord stuff is definitely not.

This band obviously may not be for everyone, I feel that, but at least they are doing something original. I think the only reason there is only a few words used in this specific song is because the other songs are not in English. The group is from South Africa and I can't understand the other shit I've heard.

I apologize for my grammar tonight, as I am on some pregnant lady rant about shitty music vs shitty music haaaa.