Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Owls are out! Red is in!

I stayed up way to late making this inspiration board for the Oliver's room I've decided the nursery is just going to be random and eclectic crap in black, white, and red that will some how work and all tie together! The owl theme was to constricting and brown looks like poop so I was having a hard time with that.... so, now we have no browns and NO freaking pastel bunnies, duckies, or whatever other cheesy animal themed crap they try to sell you at babies r us.
Ed Note. I am not ruling out owls, they just need to be red, black, and white :)


Jessica S said...

Oliver is Mike's brother Dan's kids name... love it!

rae said...

i want to come to your baby shower whenever that happens! let me know cause buying things for baby showers is surprisingly fun!