Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A sandwich I don't want

I've been craving IHOP like a lunatic lately, thanks to the damn all you can eat pancake commercials; so I went a little nutso today riffling through my giant pile of ads I got in the mail. In my frantic attempts to find any coupon for IHOP, I stumbled across an ad for Denny's. I stopped to check it out (even though it ain't no international pancake house of deliciousness, they do serve pancakes) and the first thing to catch my eye was this bad boy.
What was it?!?! I stared at it for several minutes making sure my eyes didn't graze across the description of what this sandwich actually was. I wanted to guess! I was stumped until I saw the bowl of marina sauce. It was a grilled cheese sandwich with freaking mozzarella sticks inside. OH MY GOD, this sandwich is out of hand. I love me some nasty greasy unhealthy food but this, to me, looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. grossssssss. it kind of reminds me of this

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heelsfan2120 said...

Denny's sandwich = 1400 calories
KFC Double Down Original = 540
KFC Double Down Grilled = 460