Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As if hickeys weren't gross enough

We all know hickies are embarrassing to receive if you’re over the age of 14, but turns out they can also be dangerous. A 44-year-old New Zealand woman was rushed to the emergency room for a hickey gone awry. The trouble all started when her lover sucked her neck one night while they were sitting on the couch watching television. Only his technique was a little too aggressive. He hoovered her so vigorously that he created a blood clot near a major artery in her neck. The clot then broke off and moved into her heart causing a minor stroke. She only knew she was having a stroke when she started experiencing paralysis on her left side. With treatment, the clot disappeared and the woman’s movement was restored.


Anonymous said...

hey bizo there is a show I think you would really like called Portlandia

Jessica S said...

Portlandia is awesome... It makes me miss living in Portland.

About this post... this must have been one powerful suckfest 2011.