Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Bristol Palin: You're dumb

First of all, I have no idea why people like you? Or how you constantly weasel your way into MY gossip mags and websites. Secondly, how the hell did you ended up losing NO weight on Dancing with the Stars? You have to be the first person ever to go on that show and gain weight. And seriously, what's the deal with the cheesiest cheese dick, make shift looking PSA with Mike the Situation? Nice try, your a slut, everyone knows it. Wanna know how? YOU HAD A BABY AT AGE 17!!!!! The fact that you want the media to be aware of your choice to wait until marriage makes you look like the biggest hypocritical, starving for any attention she can get, idiot! I would put all the money in wallet on the fact that if The Situation looked your way, you'd jump on his business quicker then beer turns to piss.

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