Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elegant Nails in Shoreline, I love you

I started going to Elegant nails because it was across the street from my old apartment and I desperately needed a fill. Well, as it turns out Elegant Nails has the most incredible acrylic and gel nails ever. Not only are they great nails, fast at turning them out, and cheap as hell but they do the best ghetto designs, I’ve seen. Anyways, about 6 months ago, I let the cutest little Asian woman talk me into a leg wax. I have been waxing my legs for years, and am used to paying $60 to $75. Yikes. I have destroyed several bathrooms attempting to wax my own legs (damn being broke). So, as my nails were drying I was escorted to a small room for my leg wax without knowledge of costs. The room is ugly yellow and kinda grimey looking, but what do you expect for an Asian nail salon in Shoreline. They also lay newspaper down on the bed, so they don't get their sheets waxy. In the end, not only did I get the fastest, most meticulous leg wax ever, but afterwards I received a mini leg massage and the manager honked my boob and in her funny little Asian voice told me I was beautiful and asked if my “they were real”. I was waxed from my toes (no joke) to my thigh-butt crevice. I didn’t know my hair grew to my butt... its fine! After the wax, they pulled out the tweezers to do a final once over and make sure EVERY SINGLE HAIR had been removed; now that’s efficiency at its finest. So, as I am getting ready to head out, I pull out my debit card and she tells me what I owe her….. HELLO!!! A full set with a design on each nail and a full leg wax for only $55. Yes Please!!! OH MY GOD, I’m pretty sure I tipped her like $35 I was so excited. Moral of the story is that I will always and forever come back to this specific salon for all of my wax and nail needs.

Now, since I have been going there, an ownership change has gone down, once maybe twice, so I have been charged a different price every time, BUT, I have never paid more the $40 for a full leg wax. And I have received nothing but the BEST customer service at each visit. I would recommend to anyone in the Seattle Everett area to experience Elegant Nails on 15th Ave NE right near the Simpsons taco truck. They know how to do it gangster. I love it.

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