Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beni's Beer Review

Beni claims Hell or High Watermelon is the beer of summer 2010. So I decided to interview him.

Bailee: What do you like about Hell or High Watermelon?
Beni: It was made by black people. It's not really.
Maybe it was made for black people... And I'm black.... Kind of.
Bailee: Okay, so does it really taste like watermelon?
Beni: A little bit. It just tastes good.
Bailee: Where can you find Hell or High Watermelon?
Beni: Maybe QFC? I don't know? (looks at phone)
Bailee: Haven't we gotten it at a bar before?
Beni: Okay whatever, I don't know? (texting on phone)
Bailee: What about that one bar that begins with an A, aaaa, aaalllllll, alllllliiiiigggg.
Beni: Yeah yeah, Alligator soul, that's what I'm saying. (puts phone away)
Bailee: Any final words about Hell or High Watermelon?
Beni: Like, Jerry Springer's final thought?
Bailee: Sure.
Beni: It's good when you drink it.

So, in wrapping up my first ever interview, I have learned my boyfriend thinks beer is good, stereotypes black people, and can not multitask.

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