Friday, August 6, 2010

Something for the kids

Choice TV: Reality Show

The Hills
Jersey Shore
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
The Price of Beauty
Taking The Stage
Seriously, the Teen Choice Awards? I can't wait for my kids to turn 13 so they can get in on this incredibly 'teen oriented' show. By then I'm sure it will have gotten even worse, urg. How did this show even get nominated? These drunken assholes are the worst role models I could ever imagine for a teenager. It makes me want to punch all the 15 year olds, 28 year old parents for getting knocked up in high school having no idea how to raise a civilized child. Fuck off, and learn how to parent your kids.
For the record, I love Jersey Shore and all that goes with it; fighting, promiscuity, slutty clothes, binge drinking, etc... But, I am 26, its allowed. I wonder who was nominated for Best Celebrity Mistress? My 16 year old sister and her friends are hoping it's Michelle "bombshell" McGee.
Oh and Liz, can you ask Ellery what happened on last weeks Bad Girls Club, I missed it. Kidding.

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