Thursday, August 5, 2010

New website I enjoy; here's a few examples....

Dear Mr. Matthews,
Please stop coming to my fence and asking for advice. We all have our problems like me wanting to water my plants in peace.

Sincerely, Mr. Feeny

Dear Kids on my Street (And their ignorant parents),
Please get out of the street. Don't stare at me and expect me to drive around your basketball game to get home. The road is for cars. Next time, you'll be under mine.
Sincerely, I will mow down the little fuckers

Dear Walmart,
Please keep holding all of the incest children, druggies, rednecks, and fat people within your walls. I'll be over at Target. Thanks!

Sincerely, Civilized People

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Bizo said...

My fav...
Dear other moms at the playground,
Please stop keeping airline gate-check tags on your strollers just to show off. Wow, you went to Brazil with your baby. You remind me of kids in middle school who kept their ski lift tags on their parkas. Jeez louise.
Sincerely, Robbie's mom.