Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Men in Kilts

I was just thumbing through my new Glamour magazine, when I came across the do's and dont's page. Usually a favorite section of mine, but not this time... It says here, a mere 65% of women think that a dude in a kilt is a don't. Really? So that means 45% of Glamour readers think that it is okay and in fact a do? What?!?!? Okay, imagine this scenario: You've been on several dates with a sexy man and you're really starting to like this guy then he shows up to take you out on a date and he is wearing a KILT. Urg, in my book that would be a deal breaker! Almost as bad a denim shorts. Gross.

1 comment:

.d. said...

Do I slide my hand under yours or you mine? LOL

Actually I don't care I've seen guys look worse in the wrong size jeans. Oh, but I love and Islander man in a sarong. It's just different.