Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear "Funny" T-shirt companies...

I don't really care what your aim is. Maybe you're trying to be ironic. Maybe your trying to find a pop culture reference so obscure even the movie masters Biz and Liz don't know it. Maybe you're trying to get girls to appreciate your "subtle T-shirt humor."

Well it doesn't matter, you are the stupidest excuse for a company I have ever heard of. Hey Bizo, I've got an idea, why don't we bottle air and sell it to the dumb asses that buy these stupid shirts.

I mean, everyone needs clothes, so these people are paying crazy bucks to wear the stupidest clothes, so we might as well sell them the stupidest way possible to breathe too, right?

Word to the wise, T-shirt companies, the only way I will ever purchase a shirt from one of your websites, is if you all hang yourselves, take a picture of it, and put it on a shirt.



Anonymous said...

second paragraph, 'but' should be 'buy'. roger.

Ellery said...

Hey Liz... I bet guys would buy those t-shirts. You know what the hand is right? Also, they already have oxygen bars that sell flavored oxygen.
<3 Sarah

Liz said...

I am well aware what the hand means. I just wouldn't be caught dead in the presence of someone who was wearing one.