Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Britney:

It's been over 4 freaking years since you shaved your head, why in the world are you still rocking the nasty weave? It is doing you NO justice! I read online you are supposed to get a new weave every 8 weeks... not months! What are you trying to hide in there, and better yet who are you trying to fool? Sorry Brit, but that shit is nasty. Take it out and go eat some cheese grits.


Anonymous said...

I don't think u guys should be hating on Brittany just leave her alone already. She is trying to get her life back in order and its mean to pick on people when there down. Nasty girls

.d. said...

Yeah you guys are nasty and I like it.Why else would I be on this sight/ Enlightenment?

Hey anonymous #1.... Say that when she gets cutsies in front of you at your local gas station bathroom due to her fame.

Cheese grits!!!!!! LMAO

It looks like Brit and Axle Rose had a sleepover and took turns practicing on each others hair!

Liz said...

.d.- you are so right! Finally, someone who appreciates us!