Sunday, July 4, 2010

40 things I hate

1. The word ballsack.
2.Guys with big muscles.
3.LOL Cats!
4.The pineapple express, the fact that I do not smoke weed does not hinder my abilities to laugh. That movie is not funny.
5.Men that wear kilts.
6.Mafia wars, Famville, and any other stupid facebook game that posts a million things on my page everey day. I'm aware, I can chose to ignore these posts, but why are you playing this dumb crap in the first place?
7.Inside out socks. *shivers
8.Sea Food. It's not because I have never tried your mom's salmon, it's because I just do not like fish. period.
9.The fact that is always way more cheese and meat then there is crackers in a party tray.
10.Sunglasses at night, especially in a bar.
11.When people apologize after I tell them I am from Everett
12.The letter F in cursive.
13.Brown girls with blond hair
14.When a song plays and everyone but me knows every word.
15.When I hang out with my mom and we are both in a shitty mood.
16.Techno, house, bass bumping, rave music. And usually the people who listen to it.
17.Cartoon network. If cartoon are for kids, then this channel is doing it all wrong. Cartoons directed towards adults are not funny, fun, or aesthetically appealing to watch.
18.Shaking hands with people who look dirty. No, it's not nice to meet you, now can you please excuse me so I can rush to the restroom to wash your germs off my hand.
19.The anxiety I feel when friends are frivolous with my board game stationary. Are you gonna buy me more paper slips when I run out of them for my Game of Things???
20.People who brush their teeth in the shower.
21.When I hear the beginning of a song I like on the radio, then it goes to commercial.
22.Small talk with strangers.
23.Madonna. See blog post from 08/29/09.
24.Farts that stink... really bad.
25.When my damn DVR records something for 8 hours!! I did request Hell's Kitchen to record but not the additional 7 hours after it. GRRRRR.
27.People who shop way to close to me. (usually Asian people)
28.Underwear sold in thrift stores
29.Spam. Shitty email, and a shitty meat product.
31.When anyone tells me to calm down while I am upset.
32.People who try to hard to be cool and different.
33.When people ask "why?" when I state that I have a PC. What the hell does it matter? It's still a computer, right?
34.Finding a good parking spot, only to find that is actually occupied by a motor cycle or tiny car.
35.My ex boyfriend. All of them.
36.When people tag me in a photo and I look disgusting.
37.When the button flies off my favorite jeans.
38.Christmas music. Sorry mom.
39. Women who look skinnier after having a baby. really?
40.Jeans with no back pockets.

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