Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School projects: part three

In honor of all those young kids looking at our blog (that is if your parents haven't put a block on it yet), I decided a farewell to the school year was in order.

Just thought I would share some projects done as a final in a third grade class.

Oops, I meant a college class! What are these people thinking? Who in the world thinks that these presentation boards are acceptable?

Above, you will find the display board that I put together. A+ material, if I do say so myself.

Below, are the other presentations that the other students put together. Now here are a few pointers I have put together for these people.

1. DO NOT use staples. Double stick tape and glue sticks should be used to hold things in place

2. DO mount everything on your board. It makes it look cleaner and neater.

3. DO NOT leave empty space on your board, it looks tacky

4. DO NOT over clutter your board, no one can understand it if they go cross-eyed when they look at it

5. DO type everything. I don't care how good your handwriting is, the computer can do it better.

6. DO make sure all your pictures have captions.

7. If it looks like a 6 year old could do a better job, kill yourself.

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