Monday, March 1, 2010

Move over, guidos. The Russkies are coming!

"We are big fans of 'Jersey Shore,' but the Russian community has its own set of characters which we think could be even more interesting," said co-creator Elina Miller, who is working to find a network for the show.
"There will be plenty of vodka, techno music and guys wearing Adidas pants, leather jackets and gold chains, and driving souped-up cars," she said. "There will also be a lot of hot, decked-out Russian girls."
Since the casting site went live last week, Dizik said, they've received hundreds of prospects.
"It would be really funny if we got a Russian mail-order bride," she said.
Giving "Jersey Shore" a run for its money, they've already received a fair share of uniquely nicknamed applicants.
"We've heard from 'The Entity,' 'B-Boy' and 'Mr. OTB' [Off The Boat]," Dizik said.
Boris Kantarovich, 21, who works at a wireless store in Brighton Beach, was among those taking a shot at the limelight. He said he deserves it because he embodies the neighborhood.
"I'm crazy, I like to party, and when I'm drunk, I do a great impression of Boris Yeltsin," he said.

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