Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grappling Grandpas

An 83-year-old grump who faces seven years in prison for giving a 99-year-old an old-fashioned whipping turned down a no-jail plea deal.
Gofman didn't want to talk about it, but his lawyer said he's just waiting for a better offer.
"He's sorry this ever happened and would like to have it behind him."
The grappling grandpas scuffled on Jan. 19 when Pulwers, who lives above a doctor's office, saw Gofman parked in the driveway and knocked on his window to say the doctor was coming to park in the spot.
Gofman, was waiting for his wife to return from a doctor's appointment across the street.
Prosecutors say he got out of his car and began bashing Pulwers, who turns 100 in two weeks.
Pulwers was left with two black eyes, a broken nose and damaged ribs.
Gofman was charged with first-degree assault and could have faced 25 years - but the charge was reduced to second-degree assault after he testified before the grand jury.
"He could kill a cow," said Pulwers.
"This guy knocked me to the ground like a tiger, with his knees. Like a tiger he jumped on my body and punched me how much he wanted. I lose power because I'm not such a young man."
When told Gofman had refused a deal to end the court case, Pulwers shrugged.
"It's up to the court," he said. "Listen, I'm too old to go find a lawyer or something. If the court send him to jail, okay, and if not, what am I going to do?"
Although he still has pain in his ribs, Pulwers said he is looking forward to celebrating his milestone birthday.
"I'm almost 100 years," he said. "What I could be doing? My wife make food, we make a shot, have a little vodka."

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