Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 5 drunken moments with Biz and Liz of 2009

Liz has a birthday, Biz get wasted, Liz breaks toe, Brandon runs off with Milk Boobs.
Biz and Liz go to trivia, Waitress steals Liz's money, Biz writes waitress note, Biz and Liz end up at tailgaters singing kareoke.
Biz and Liz do trivia, Pomz uses same gesture to act out Kool-Aid and a Palm tree during the hat game.
Biz and Liz get a Tampico's margarita with Jay and Biz's mom, Liz has to pee on the ride home so Jay slams on his brakes just in time for Biz to be taking her seatbelt off, Biz's head smashes windshield, Biz, Liz, Jay, and Biz's mom spend the rest of the evening eating a party tray.
Biz and Liz do trivia at the Diamond Knot Brewery, Biz, Liz, Jay, and Biz's mom end up at the Whammy bar, Biz and Liz get their tarot cards read while crazy drunk guy corners and bites Biz's mom.

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