Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing... The Slanket?

Snuggle up in a Slanket and keep toasty warm from top to toe!

The Slanket is gigantic fleece blanket for people who want to keep warm and their hands free. Curling up under a blanket will keep you warm but if you want to read, channel surf or even just sip a mug of tea, your arms will get cold. Not any more. The Slanket's cleverly designed built in sleeves will keep you covered up and you're arms warm whenever you need to reach for the remote or turn a page.

Specifically designed to keep your entire body covered and cosy while leaving your hands free, the Slanket is simple yet brilliant and an absolute must have for those chilly winter evenings in.

The Slanket is a great alternative to turning up the central heating for an evening in, just grab a Slanket for toasty warm relaxation.

Because of its generous dimensions, one Slanket size really does fit all, and the incredibly soft and fluffy Polyester Microfibre is machine washable so it's easy to take care of.

1 comment:

Ellery said...

Now this is a truly novel idea! Why has no one come up with this before! The inventor of The Slanket must be glowing with pride for his or her innovative accomplishment!