Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Anonymous:

This message was left by "anonymous" in reference to our post about tongue rings...

I think that pople that think that pierced tounges looks dumb, needs to shut up!!! I have a tounge ring and i didnt do it to piss my mom off i did it cause i wanted to. Its my body and i will do with it wat i want and the Gay comment was retarded an wishing pople who have them dead jus shows you need to lay off the vodka

Well, Miss Anonymous, if that is your real name, I am glad you saw our post as it is people like you we were referring to. First of all, I know that having a tongue ring can impair your speech, but I had no clue it could impair your typing ability. I don't really care WHY your tongue is pierced, Biz and I just wanted to let you know, that it is high time you took that sucker out! And as for the vodka remark, I prefer rum thank you very much!


Biz and Liz

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