Monday, September 28, 2009

McDonalds around the World

McDonald's Canada
Cheese, vegetable, pepperoni and deluxe pizza
Poutine (available only in Quebec)

McDonald's Thailand
Samurai Pork Burger - A sandwich marinated with teriyaki sauce.
Sweet Corn Pie

McDonald's New Zealand
Kiwiburger - A hamburger with a fried egg and slice of beet

McDonald's India
Maharaja Mac
"two all lamb patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun."
Veggie nuggets (with masala and chili dipping sauces)

McDonald's Netherlands
100% beef ragout with a crispy layer around it. It's topped with a fresh mustard/mayonnaise sauce.

McDonald's Philippines
McSpaghetti - Pasta in a sauce with frankfurter bits

McDonald's Uruguay
McHuevo - A hamburger with a poached egg on top

McDonald's Paraguay

McDonald's Italy
Vegetariana Salad
with lettuce, corn, olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes and more.
Marinara Salad
with shrimps and salmon in fresh lettuce.
Mediterranea Salad
with cheese and olives
Fiordiriso Salad
with rice, tuna, ham and mushrooms.

McDonald's Hong Kong
Curry Potato Pie
Red Bean Sundae
Shake Shake Fries

McDonald's Ireland
Shamrock Shake

McDonald's Chile
tomatoes, avocado,mayonnaise, onions and mustard

McDonald's Bahrain
Veggie Burger

McDonald's Sabah & Malaysia
(not a mcmuffin, a BURGER)
Fried Chicken
Pineapple Pie
McDonalds Mexico
McBurrito a la Mexicana

McDonald's Japan
Teriyaki McBurger
Green Tea Shake
French Fries With Seaweed Flavouring (nori)
(also in curry, mexican, and barbecue)
Chicken Tatsuta Burger
(grilled breast of chicken with a sort of ginger-soy-mayo sauce. Very good!)
Macaroni and Cheese Burger
(promotion only!)

McDonald's Portugal
(a type of espresso)
Pasteis de Nata
(Portuguese style cakes)
McDonald's Siwitzerland
Vegi Mac
(vegetarian burger)

McDonald's Singapore
The Love Burger
prime cut chicken grilled to tender perfection. Smothered with the tangy taste of honey mustard sauce and topped with a delicious combination of juicy tomatoes and fresh lettuce
Kampung Burger
farm fresh lettuce, cheese, a patty of chicken sausage and a tangy slice of chicken, topped by a slice of pineapple - all packed between two old-fashioned toasted muffins,
McPepper Burger
Two beef patties smothered in a thick, spicy black pepper sauce and topped with diced onions
McTowkay Burger
an egg and a beef patty marinated in a special "towkay" sauce, crispy lettuce and mayonnaise, all sandwiched between a sesame bun.
Kiasu Burger
extra large lean chicken patty seasoned with extra spices, marinated with extra sauce, topped with fresh lettuce, all sandwiched on an extra large sesame seed bun.

McDonald's Sweden
"The world's first "McSki" opened in Sweden with Ski-Thru service. Skiers can ski up to the counter and order their favorite McDonald's sandwich without missing a beat on the slopes."
Fisk, Kyckling och Vegetariskt
DipsŒs och Dressing
McFeast & Co
Stora Menyn
McFish & Co
ViktVŠktarmenyn med McChicken
ViktVŠktarmenyn med McGarden
McGarden & Co
McAroni inkl. mellanstor lŠsk

McDonald's Argentina
The McNifica
a hamburger sandwich with cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce.

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