Friday, July 24, 2009

My day...

I am the only one at work. All of the doctors are onvacation and I am here answering the phones and dealing with morons. There is a HUGE sign on the door saying we are closed and to come back Monday. Does that stop anyone, no they waltz on in and ask stupid questions.

Customer walks in

Me: Hi how are today?

Customer: Good, is Bill Jr. in today?

Me: (thinking in my head, didn't you see the giant sign when you walked in?) No all three doctors are on vacation, Robb will be back on Monday, and Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. won't be back until Wednesday.

Customer: Oh, Bill Jr.'s not here? What about Robb?

Me: No, he'll be back on Monday.

Customer: Oh, so what doctor is in today?

Me: No one, just me.

Customer: So I can't be seen today?

Me: Nope, Monday is the first day you can be seen

Customer: What about tommorow?

Me: No, Monday.

Customer leaves. Reapeat this exact same situation about 3 more times in person and about 30 over the phone and you have my day.

I also peed with the bathroom door open at work just for fun!

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